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Commercial Interior Design

We are all familiar with the concept of interior designing and why it is essential. Interior design company determines the vibe of the space and if done well, can be immensely good for your mental health and productivity. You don’t want dingy homes or unlit workspaces. You want comfortable spaces that make you feel like home. You also want a vibrant workspace where you will feel pleasant and productive.

So, it is very important that commercial spaces should be designed with care. The interior designing of such spaces should be done by taking into account various factors like the intended purpose of the building, the number of employees, etc. Hence, interior designing of commercial spaces is different from interior designing of personal spaces and needs a special type of expertise. Interior design in commercial space is referred to as commercial interior design. Buildings like offices, restaurants, lobbies, retail stores and other public spaces come under this.

Why is commercial interior designing treated differently? While personal or home interior design focuses on providing a wholesome, welcoming and livable atmosphere, the commercial interior design focuses on functionality and productivity by focusing on practicalities without ignoring style and modishness. A well designed commercial interior will promote creativity and productivity and thus bring gain in all sorts of ways.

Also, the scale of commercial interior design projects are large as compared residential interior design projects and hence need experienced and passionate experts who know what they are doing. It the job of commercial interior designers to make sure that they give their clients prospects for maximum profit while keeping everything chic and modern. For example, a restaurant should be designed so as to accommodate the maximum number of customers without overcrowding and provide everyone with enough comfort that they come back for more again and again. It is the duty of the commercial interior designers to make sure that all of this falls naturally into place. And that is why commercial interior design is treated separately.

Interior Design for Office

When it comes to interior design for office spaces, so many things have to fall into place seamlessly. It should be highly organized and accessible and have an ambience which encourages productivity and promotes comfort. All the equipment used must complement the space well and give out a professional feel. The atmosphere must be welcoming to both the employees as well as the clients. Overall, a pleasant space exuding stellar vibes, style and professionalism is perfect for offices.

Also, trends are constantly changing. While there are some aspects that cannot be compromised at all, an interior designer must also take into account and accommodate the latest trends while designing the interior of an office. Now with start-ups popping up everywhere and with the evolution of co-working spaces, office spaces are so much different than they used to be. They are not bland and dull cubicles separated by glass partitions anymore. They are colourful and chic while standing close to nature with adaptable furniture that encourages good posture.

Sustainable designs are also a trend. Designs which make use of what nature has given to us in the best way possible is chosen by a lot of businesses. Also, technology is woven into almost every aspect of the design to make things smoother and to improve efficiency. Thus, a functional office interior design is essential for the comfort and potency of the workforce.

Interior Design for Residence

While interior design for offices focuses on functional and practical aspects, interior design for residence is very different and focus on a wholesome and livable ambience. It is designed keeping in mind that it should be a place that makes you want to come back to, that makes you feel like home. It should exude a warm, comfortable and peaceful vibe. Privacy is also a major factor in the case of residential interior design.

Residential interior designers coordinate the interiors of homes. What is the major purpose of a residential area? It is the place where people live. Hence, the focus of interior designers must be to make it a healthy livable space. It needs to have space to house all the needs of the residents. That is, it needs space for appliances, furniture and lighting, partitions for privacy, etc. Factors like temperature and colour are also important and should suit the overall ambience of the space.

Like in commercial interior design, residential interior design also has a lot of changing trends. Bold shades like terracotta, tan and ochre have made a comeback and textures are all the rage now. Home automation is also a big trend in recent home interior design. Comfortable furniture, well-integrated technology, the expertise of the designers and a focus on personal preferences of clients will all combine well together to give you the perfect living space that you have always dreamt of.

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